Our History

Founded in 1977

Since 1977 with great pride and honor, the men and women of the Piedmont Police Department have been represented by the Piedmont Police Officers Association. Proudly serving the greater Piedmont area, the Police Association represents the rank and file sergeants and officers.

Over the course of the last 111 years, the brave men and women of the Piedmont Police Department have tirelessly protected the constitutional rights, safety, property, and welfare of Piedmont's residents and businesses alike.

Police officers, their families, and the Piedmont POA are also committed to providing charitable contributions to those in our community who need our help the most. Whether through outreach programs like this, or simply volunteering their scarce free time, the Piedmont POA is dedicated to improving our community. YOUR COMMUNITY!

Please click here to learn more about the work we do and how YOU can join our local officers, and help our community stay safe and prosper. Please contribute to the Piedmont Police Officers Association today, and align yourself with the charities we support by mailing a check to:

PO Box 11450, Oakland, CA 94611

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